Policy Papers     

Thomas Baudin

Published Papers:


The association between religiosoty and fertility intentions via grandparenting: Evidence from GGS data, joint with Charalampos Dantis and Ester Rizzi, European Journal of Population, forthcoming.

The rural exodus and the rise of Europe, joint with Robert Stelter, Journal of  Economic Growth, forthcoming.

Economics and family structures, joint with Bram de Rock and Paula Gobbi, Oxford Research Encyclopedia


Education and childlessness in India, joint with Koyel Sarkar, Population, 76(3), 461-486.


Endogenous childlessness and stages of development, joint with David de la Croix and Paula Gobbi, Journal of the European Economic Association, 18(1), 83-133


On the Dynamics of Gender Differences in Preferences, joint with V. Hiller, Oxford Economic Papers, 71(3), 503-527. Editor's choice.


Cultural transmission and the evolution of gender roles, joint with Victor Hiller, Mathematical Social Sciences, 84, 8-23.



Fertility and Childlessness in the US, joint with D. de la Croix and P.Gobbi, American Economic Review, 105(6) : 1852-1882

Religion and Fertility: The French Connection, Demographic Research, 32(13) : 397-420


The Optimal Trade-Off Between Quality and Quantity with Unknown Number of Survivors, Mathematical Population Studies, 19(2):94-113


Family Policies: What Does The Standard Endogenous Fertility Model Tell Us?, Journal of Public Economic Theory, 13(4) : 555-593


 A Role for Cultural Transmission in Fertility Transitions, Macroeconomic Dynamics, 14(4) : 454-481

Working Papers and on-going projects:


Le Bruit et l'Odeur: Discrimination, work and fertility among second generation migrants in France, joint with Simone Moriconi

The emergence of the quality-quantity trade-off in Academia, joint with David de la Croix

Culture, fertility and work among second generation migrants in France, joint with Keiti Kondi and Dylan Planard

Family policies in the Third Reich, joint with Robert Stelter

Book Chapters:


Childlessness and Economic Development: A Survey, joint with D. de la Croix and P. Gobbi, in Human Capital and Economic Growth: The Impact of Health, Education and Demographic Change , A. Bucci, A. Prskawetz, and K. Prettner eds, Palgrave - MacMillan


Family Planning is not (necessarily) the priority institution for reducing fertility (2016), joint with P. Gobbi, in Gosseries A. & Gonzalez Ricoy I. The Future of Generations, Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

La croissance économique, joint with D. de la Croix, in Keulener et al. (Eds) La croissance  économique: réalités et perspectives, Editions Université Ouverte, ISBN 978-2-87306-135-7