Policy Papers     

Thomas Baudin

Published Papers:


Endogenous childlessness and stages of development, joint with David de la Croix and Paula Gobbi, Journal of the European Economic Association, 18(1), 83-133.


On the Dynamics of Gender Differences in Preferences, joint with V. Hiller, Oxford Economic Papers, 71(3), 503-527. Editor's choice.


Cultural transmission and the evolution of gender roles, joint with Victor Hiller, Mathematical Social Sciences, 84, 8-23.



Fertility and Childlessness in the US, joint with D. de la Croix and P.Gobbi, American Economic Review, 105(6) : 1852-1882

Religion and Fertility: The French Connection, Demographic Research, 32(13) : 397-420


The Optimal Trade-Off Between Quality and Quantity with Unknown Number of Survivors, Mathematical Population Studies, 19(2):94-113


Family Policies: What Does The Standard Endogenous Fertility Model Tell Us?, Journal of Public Economic Theory, 13(4) : 555-593


 A Role for Cultural Transmission in Fertility Transitions, Macroeconomic Dynamics, 14(4) : 454-481

Working Papers:


Rural exodus and fertility at the time of industrialization, joint with Robert Stelter current draft

Education and childlessness in India, joint with Koyel Sarkar, R&R 1st Round Population

Secularization and industrialization in 19th Century France: the role of the Church, joint with Keiti Kondi and Robert Stelter

The role of information shocks and migrations for Denmark's take-off, joint with Robert Stelter

Book Chapters:


Childlessness and Economic Development: A Survey, joint with D. de la Croix and P. Gobbi, in Human Capital and Economic Growth: The Impact of Health, Education and Demographic Change , A. Bucci, A. Prskawetz, and K. Prettner eds, Palgrave - MacMillan


Family Planning is not (necessarily) the priority institution for reducing fertility (2016), joint with P. Gobbi, in Gosseries A. & Gonzalez Ricoy I. The Future of Generations, Oxford University Press, forthcoming.


La croissance économique, joint with D. de la Croix, in Keulener et al. (Eds) La croissance  économique: réalités et perspectives, Editions Université Ouverte, ISBN 978-2-87306-135-7