Policy Papers     

Thomas Baudin

A brief and not necessarily scientific description of my co-authors (alphabetical order):

Sandra Brée (UCLouvain)

Sandra is an historian demographer specialized in the dynamics of the French and Belgian families. She has been a post-doc fellow of the ARC Team "Family Transformations - Incentives and Norms". Associate Researcher at the Centre Roland Mousnier, Paris-Sorbonne University (UMR 8596).

David de la Croix (UCLouvain)

David is a leading researcher in economic growth and population economics. Summarizing his vitae would be a difficult and useless work (his website makes mine ridicoulous). I have been a post-doc fellow of David during two years, we started to work on childlessness with Paula Gobbi (see below). It has been and it is still a great pleasure and some work to collaborate with these two. We use to retire in Cévennes in an old typical house of the 16th century, surrounded by wolves and other lovely animals. We then think to life, marriage, fertility and childleness. We are always surprised to see how this topic has been somehow overstudied by demographers and economists. We take also the occasion for enriching our musical and vinicole cultures.

Paula Gobbi (UCLouvain)

Paula is Assistant Professor at Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). She defended her PhD some years ago and has already published terrefic papers in family economics. Part of her research is dedicated to intrahousehold bargaining over childcare. In addition to collaborate on childlessness, we have recently created the Insitutional Population Index (IPI) which indicates what kind of population policy can efficiently reduce fertility in developing countries.

Victor Hiller (Université Paris 12 Créteil)

I started my PhD with Victor in 2004 at the Paris School of Economics. In December of this year, he presented a paper of Bisin and Verdier on cultural transmission. Right after this presentation, I decided to write a paper linking cultural transmission of fertility norms to the demographic transition. It has been the first paper I published. We have shared with Victor our  PhD years, our entry in Assitant Professorship as well as in other significant stages of life... and also some hectoliters of beer. After all that, we decided it was time to write a paper together and we have naturally explored some of the Bisin and Verdier's cultural transmission mechanisms. Victor has published terrefic papers on the transmission of preferences inside economic and family spheres. He also works on the emergence of laws in favor of mutual consent divorce and on gendered inequalities.

Robert Stelter (MPI for Demographic Research)

I met Robert in Louvain la Neuve as he was visting IRES where I was a post-doc. Robert studied economics at the University of Rostock. He obtained recently his PhD from Rostock University and UCLouvain, I had the pleasure to be the President of his comittee. We work together on the rural exodus and its role in the Scandinavian demographic transition and urbanization. Working with somebody from Rostock requires some perseverance as joining this beautiful city in the Norst-East of Germany is time consuming: not less than 11hours and often up to 14h. But it is always ends with good moments and exciting research exercizes. Robert also works on optimal population policies, a topic I used to work on some years ago and that requires strong methodological and mathematical rigorosity. He is also implied in research on the quite complex German health insurance system. Robert is currently Post-Doc at MPIDR.

Koyel Sarkar (UCLouvain - DEMO)

Koyel has been hired at UCLouvain when I was Assistant Professor in DEMO. She comes from India wherer she got a degree in Geography, and she is a very good badminton player. We work together on Indian childlessness. Koyel's thesis questions the Indian transition toward more modern family schemes. She is a very active and curious person and promises to become a very good demographer.

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